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Best Orthopedic & Pediatric Hospital in Ahmedabad

parshva Orthopedic and Children Hospital is an excellent healthcare facility located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Best Orthopedic Hospital In Ahmedabad

Best Orthopedic Hospital In Ahmedabad

Orthopaedics is a branch of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and caring for musculoskeletal diseases. Thanks to this intricate system of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, you can move and be active. Injury, degenerative, and metabolic diseases of the bones and joints provide a significant health risk to the Indian community, and osteoarthritis is now the most prevalent form of arthritis among Indian adults.

Most bone and joint disorders affecting all age groups can now be prevented, diagnosed, and treated due to remarkable technological advancements. Musculoskeletal research has also reduced the invasiveness of procedures and improved the quality and durability of implants Parshva Hospital Best Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad is making all these advancements reach everyone in society.

Best Pediatric Hospital In Ahmedabad

Child Healthcare is another thing we at Parshva Hospital are passionate about. Children are our future and at Parshva Hospital Best Pediatric Hospital in Ahmedabad, our aim is to provide excellence in pediatric care. The hospital's team of well-trained and experienced doctors, nurses, paramedics, and support staff work hard to provide the best possible care for children. We offer quality services in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive health care of infants and young children.

The hospital as the Best Pediatric Hospital in Ahmedabad provides complete care from birth through adolescence including newborn management, child development assessment, genetic counseling and management of chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, and obesity.

Additionally, pediatric experts at Parshva Hospital are specialized in dealing with complex problems associated with neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, epilepsy, etc. In addition to its experienced medical staff, the hospital boasts advanced technology such as an advanced neonatal care unit offering world-class services to treat newborns with high-risk reviews and even a daycare procedure ward where babies can be admitted on a short-term basis or receive surgery at a nominal cost.

Arthroscopy icon

Arthroscopy Surgeries

Arthroscopy is a surgical operation doctors use to appearance at, diagnose, and deal with troubles internal to a joint. It's a minor surgery.

Sports Injuries icon

Sports Injuries

Sports accidents are divided into vast categories, acute and chronic accidents. Parshva Hospital provides care and treatment for Sport Related Injuries.

Trauma icon


Trauma treatments include resuscitating and stabiliing an affected person with life-threatening injuries. At Parshva Hospital we take care of patients suffering from trauma.

Sholder replacement icon

Shoulder Replacement Surgeries

Shoulder replacement eliminates broken regions of bone and replaces them with components fabricated from metallic and plastic (implants).

knee preserving icon

Knee Preserving Surgeries

The purpose of a joint replacement surgical procedure is to restore the motion and functionality of the human knee.

hips replacement icon

Joint Replacement Surgeries

Total joint replacement is a surgery wherein components of an arthritic or broken joint are eliminated and changed with a metal, plastic, or ceramic

spine icon

Spine Surgeries

A spine surgical operation is probably a choice if different remedies have not worked, and your ache is disabling.

orthopedics icon

Pediatric Orthopedic

Pediatric orthopedics is a department of Parshva Hospital dedicated to treating kids' joints, muscles, and bones.

Newborn Care icon

Newborn Care

PARSHVA HOSPITAL Is one of the excellent hospitals for toddler care, new child toddler care, new child care, and untimely toddler fitness care in India. We offer the highest quality care.

Vaccination for children icon

Vaccination for children

We understand that immunization is one of the best public fitness interventions, giving each baby the possibility to develop wholesomely and attain perfect health.

chilledhood icon

Treatment Of Childhood Infecation

Childhood infections are many, they vary from the mere not unusual place bloodless to chickenpox, etc. The occurrence of infectious illnesses like measles, and mumps.

breast icon

Breast Feeding Counselling

We provide breastfeeding counseling to boost the mother and child's physical and emotional health.

nutriation icon

Growth and Development Tracking

Tracking a child's development through the early period and improvement is essential to apprehend whether or not your infant is on a course or not.

doctor icon

Nutrition Assessment Counseling

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of good health. That is why Parshva Hospital Pediatric Department offers a Nutrition Assessment Counseling.

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One of the,if not the best Orthopaedic surgeons in the city.Personally treated for torn ACL with arthroscopy and my experience has been great.Great doctor and compassionate staff.Highly recommended.

bhavna bhambhani

Excellent place for treatment.Dr. Sapan Vora and Dr. Jaini Kothari Vora both are well experienced doctors.Whole staff is very supportive.This clinic is also affordable.

Satish Darji

Excellent doctor with ethics.Excellent experience doctor...good knowledge and very good treatment...Dr Sapan Vora is very experienced doctor.Whole treatment went so well and very happy with the outcom

Gunjan Bhavsar

Excellent and trustworthy place to have any orthopaedic treatment in Ahmedabad. Dr Sapan Vora is very experienced and professional orthopaedic surgeon in Ahmedabad having very friendly and cooperative staff too. Over all very good experience at Parshva Hospital.